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Refuse & Recycling

Garbage pickup is every Thursday and recycling days in Dickeyville are every other Thursday. (If a holiday falls on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, pickups will be made on Friday.) Garbage cans and recycle bins should be at curbside by 6:00 A.M. Weekly garbage pickup is for normal household refuse. Please do not exceed the container provided for you. If you have a large quantity of garbage, please call Republic at 563-258-5020 or 563-213-0375 or Village Office 608-568-3333 ext. 1

Recycling is a simple thing that each of us can do to help prevent useful material resources from being wasted, to help reduce the consumption of raw materials, and to help reduce the use of energy and its byproducts. Dickeyville has been a recycling community for many, many years. Each household is provided a recycling bin. The bins remain the property of the Village and stay with the home when it changes ownership or rental. Additional bins are available for a charge. Contact the Village Office at 608-568-3333 ext. 1

Recycling Information

Print the Recycling Information brochure.

Dickeyville has transitioned to the Commingle Recycling provided by Republic Services. Here is the Guide for Acceptable and Unacceptable items for Commingled Recycling.

Paper Products


Newspaper, Magazines & Catalogs

Corrugated cardboard

Clean Pizza boxes, Telephone books

Grey chipboard: Cereal & Shoe boxes

Envelopes, Junk mail, Paper bags

Pop/Beer cartons, Carbonless forms


Disposable diapers, Tube rolls

Photographs, greeting cards

Food encrusted Pizza boxes

Cereal box liners, Pet food bags

Slick coated frozen food boxes

Tissue paper, wrapping paper

Clean Metal


Rinsed tin/steel food containers

Aluminum foil, pie pans, trays, cans

Metal jar lids

Aluminum window frames, chairs


Paint and aerosol containers

Pesticides and chemical containers

Iron, steel and batteries

Car parts, Oil filters

Plastic (types 1-5)


Milk and juice jugs

Margarine and ice cream tubs

Yogurt cups

Pop and Water bottles

Cooling oil containers

Shampoo and Conditioner bottles

Lotion bottles

Dish and liquid soap bottles

Bleach and detergent containers

Household cleaning containers


Plastic bags

Motor oil containers

Pesticides and chemical containers

Plastic without a recycling symbol

Prescription bottles

Unsanitary containers


Medical supplies

Glass Products


Food jars and bottles

Juice bottles

Pop and Water bottles

Beer bottles

Wine and Liquor bottles


Mirror and Window glass

Drinking glasses

Crystal, Pyrex and Ovenware

Ceramic cups and plates

Light bulbs and Flowerpots

Yard & Garden Waste Pickup

The Village of Dickeyville offers Pick up service of Yard and Garden Waste on Mondays ONLY!! Clear plastics bags may be purchased at Kieler's Store.


Village employees will pick up, at the curb, yard and garden waste that is:

  1. Bagged and/or Bundled & tied.

  2. No longer than 3 feet.

  3. Weighs no more than 40 lbs.

  4. Keep leaves and twigs separate.

If it isn't yard or garden waste it won't be picked up. If you have questions call 608-568-3333 or 608-568-3151.

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