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Dickeyville, population of 1047, lies in the southwest corner of Wisconsin, near the Iowa and Illinois borders. This Grant County village is bordered on all sides by open land and farm fields. The Platte River meanders past the western outskirts of the village and empties into the Mississippi.


The people of Dickeyville have a real commitment to community. Their friendly and “can-do” helpful attitude has enabled them to direct change and to accomplish a number of important initiatives that have positively impacted the town, local businesses and it's residents.

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Several farms surround the village, and agribusiness is an important part of the area economy. In addition to a number of small businesses located in Dickeyville, the village has an industrial park that is ready to welcome business and industry to the community.

SC Data is the village’s largest employer, followed by Holy Ghost School, Royal & First Merit Banks. A number of the town’s people work in the businesses that are here, while others make the easy commute to workplaces in Platteville, Dubuque, Galena, and various other neighboring communities.

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Dickeyville has an excellent 4K-8 private school housed on two campuses providing small class sizes and a low teacher/pupil ratio. The village is part of the Cuba City School District which offers quality public education and prepares our students to live and work successfully in the 21st century.

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Dickeyville has good, affordable housing and prides itself in it's commitment to grow the community. There is a subdivision with lots available (including curb and gutter) on the west side of town.

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