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Cuba City residents: We are going through a very difficult time with the COVID-19 pandemic. With Gov. Evers extending our Safer-At-Home order to May 26th, we need to really think about our local businesses and the employees who have lost their jobs. It is a time of social distancing, but we need to help our neighbors and friends in need.

I know we would all like to snap our fingers and have this be over. It is better to abide by the rules and not extend this virus into the summer and fall. The non-essential businesses are really hurting. If it is possible to patronize them through social media or e-mail, please do so.

Our parks in Cuba City are open to groups of less than five people, but please keep the social distancing practice going. Cuba Cares is a program to keep our city residents safe. I am sure you received your cards along with a letter of explanation. We all must watch for yellow cards on the door or on windows of homes. The city and is here to stand by you and help you in whatever you may need.

Take care of yourself and your families and we will get through this


Tom Gile

Cuba City Mayor

Our Holy Ghost-Immaculate Conception School teachers are using various forms of distance learning. The most popular are Zoom, Seesaw, Dojo or Google Classroom. Students are doing well as they seem to have the routine down now and know what is expected of them by the teachers. Daily attendance is taken by students (or parents) checking in with teachers.

Teachers communicate with parents through emails, phone calls or through the teaching resources they use. I communicate through emails, phone calls or our TeacherEase program, which is our Student Information System.

 We were very sad and disappointed to hear that our school needs to remain closed for the rest of this school year. But our teachers will continue to teach as they have been doing and students will continue to learn as they have been doing. This is not what any of us wanted, but we will make the best of it and we will all be okay at the end of this. Everyone just needs to keep the faith and remember God is there for us through this ordeal, and please follow the restrictions and guidelines set for us to get rid of this Coronavirus, and we will all be able to get together again soon.

Through this difficult time, also try to support our local businesses as they are the ones who support us through our fundraising efforts and our Scrip program. We are fortunate to live in such great communities.

God bless everyone!

Rita Hesseling

Principal, Holy Ghost-Immaculate Conception School

I want to communicate to you from my point of view the important role you play in keeping our communities safe and yet at the same time keep our spirits lifted during this time.

From the very first day we were notified of this virus and “Safer-At-Home” orders were placed, there has been an out pouring of community support to all our local businesses able to remain open as” essential” and also have seen many giving support to those who are unable to remain open by purchasing gift certificates and offering other forms of support with window decorations and Facebook posts.

Our essential businesses in the Village of Dickeyville have been happy to serve and willing to go the extra mile to ensure safe service to every customer. This has been a trying time for everyone across the globe, but I believe we have seen some very unique qualities in the men and women who are willing to serve during such a time as this. Thank you!

I have noticed that there is an abundance of love and support to every member of the community to ensure that nobody is left without.

As a law enforcement officer, I have the opportunity to serve but also have been served! The people that have bought meals and send positive messages have not gone unnoticed!

For the most part of this pandemic I have not had to enforce the restrictions, nor have I had to encounter people that are not abiding to the safety regulations set by the president or our governor. Because each of you play a key part in keeping each other safe and following the guidelines our community is a safer place! I do however want to encourage everyone to continue practicing these guidelines as the weather gets warmer and people are itching to get out and about. it is important to those who are most at risk that we do what we can to keep them safe.

 I have been not only blessed to serve you but also to have witnessed such a beautiful community bond together with strength.

David Reuter

Dickeyville Police Chief

Dickeyville residents: As we all know, Gov. Evers extended the Safer-At-Home order until May 26th, and we will continue to follow the social distancing.

 I really encourage everyone to continue to support our local businesses through this tough time especially the ones that cannot open their doors. As a community we all need to come together and help one another out.

Our parks are open, but please limit the gathering to five or less and keep the appropriate distance.

Thank you for your continued support and we wish you safety, health, and peace during this difficult and unprecedented time. We will all get through this together.

Matt Gantenbein

Village of Dickeyville President

Our focus has been to maintain instruction while keeping in mind the anxiety created by this extremely difficult situation. We cannot fully know the stress this is causing.

Junior high teachers have been utilizing Google Meet to introduce new concepts and topics.

The lower grade teachers have been using a variety of resources to continue instruction. This includes Freckle, online resources available through SuperKids and Renaissance, and class meetings through Zoom.

We will keep praying for all and doing what we can to support our school family and community.

Mary Schneider

Principal, St. Rose Catholic School


The Coronavirus is an unprecedented and continued developing emergency situation, and local law enforcement are working hard to respond to a full-blown public health crisis where physical distancing is essential. As this pandemic continues, officials must work at educating and persuading the public to adhere to Safer-At-Home orders and should only use the criminal justice process as a last resort.

Social distancing is a practice recommended by public health officials to stop or slow down the spread of contagious diseases. It requires the creation of physical space between individuals who may spread certain infectious diseases. The key is to minimize the number of gatherings as much as possible and to achieve space between individuals when events or activities cannot be modified, postponed, or canceled. Achieving space between individuals of approximately six feet is advisable.

Help your community and help your local law enforcement by adhering to the recommendations that are put out. Take the time to call your neighbors and friends just to check on them and let them know you care. It is important to remember, as this continues that interaction by Zoom or by phone is essential in maintaining people’s mental health. You don’t have to be physically with someone for them to feel that you care and that you are there for them.

As a community we will pull through this and we will become stronger on the other end.

Terry Terpstra

Chief of Police, Cuba City Police Department

We would like our community to know that although the school buildings are closed, education continues. It’s not the same, at all. Our teachers are focusing on support first and content second. Yes, we still have our, what we call, power, or more important, standards that we are teaching but we are focusing on supporting each and every child by providing them what they need as individuals. Some need regular phone calls or video calls, some need to have group work so they have some social interaction, some need one on one tutoring with content and almost all of them need someone to check in on them and see how they are doing.

We would like to tell you that we are driven to best meet the needs of your child, whether that is academic or emotional, we want to be there for our students. Many of our teachers continue to read to their students on Zoom, send regular letters or messages to students, holding group meetings and greeting each of their students individually and allowing space for them to share their thoughts, ideas and feelings to be sure our students know they are cared for and missed. Our Food Service staff will continue to provide meals per day to our students, often over 100 per day. As a school and as a community, we will get through this together.

It is our hope that our school-community recognizes the importance of our local partners. Whether it’s around academics, the arts or extra-curricular, it is our families and our community-based businesses that participate in fund-raising for many of “extras” that our students benefit from. Now more than ever, we must remember those who have helped us prior to this crisis and be there to support them when they need it most.

Aaron Olson

District Administrator, Cuba City Schools


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